Press Review

La Vanguardia interview

“I feel angry”. She says it with a broken voice, looking down at the ground. “I’m in shock. Seeing everything that is happening, after putting my soul into my work, sometimes negotiating until four in the morning, feeling proud of what you have achieved for the institution you represent, with so many personal sacrifices…”. Irene…

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Bloomberg Interview

Below is the full text of my interview with Bloomberg Professional Services for their Global Policymakers Profile series.  Here is the link to the original on the Bloomberg website. …. PERSONAL Career highlight Frankly, the most recent one. I was recently elected Chair of the European Parliament’s Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee. It has been…

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POLITICO Interview

Below is the full text of my interview with POLITICO of May 5th 2020. Here is the link to the website. The EU’s post-coronavirus recovery fund must give countries cash in hand to overturn the recession, the chairwoman of the European Parliament’s Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs said in an interview with POLITICO’s Brussels Playbook.…

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