Opinno is a global innovation consultancy that provides solutions and technology to some of the largest companies in Spain and worldwide (Telefonica, , SEAT, Nestlè, Bankia, BBVA, Banco Santander, Gas Natural Fenosa, Adecco, and many others). Opinno is also the editor of MIT Technology Review and Harvard Business Review for Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries.…

Creative Class Group

Building on the analysis of the creative potential of over 100 Italian cities and provinces, published in the Report “Italy in the Creative Age” and leading to the creation of the first Italian Creativity Index, I have worked on city-specific projects aimed at strengthening their innovation ecosystem and attractiveness. I have collaborated with the Creative…

European Commission, Bruxelles

In 2009 I served as an expert in the European Commission Task Force on “Measuring Creativity” . The project aimed at building new metrics to measure various aspects of creativity, both at the individual and aggregate level. The work and the findings of the project can be found in the EU Publication: “Measuring Creativity”.

United Nations

Commissioned by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs , I have worked on the development of the UN Knowledge Societies Index (UNIKS) designing the Index itself, performing data collection and analysis on 45 countries, and building the final ranking featured in the UN Publication: “Understanding Knowledge Societies”, by Jerzy Zseremeta.